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Fishing Derbies

In both the spring and fall we have an in-house fun-fishing derby.

The prizes are excellent and it is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends.

This year's spring derby winners were as follows:

1st: Jeff Hetherington (2lb 4oz), 2nd: Mike Denkenberger (2lb 3oz), 3rd: Joe Warner (2lb 3oz)

Northern Pike
1st: Darrel Reakes (10lb 8oz), 2nd: Gill Turcotte (7lb 5oz), 3rd: Scott Warner(4lb 1oz)

1st & 2nd: Mike Denkenberger (1lb 1oz; 14oz), 3rd: Peter Gallant (13oz)

Our derby also offered a number of draw prizes including a rod and reel combo, marine BBQ, fryer, tacklebox, battery powerpack and various other items as well as the 50/50. Our lucky draw prize winners were:

  • Greg March
  • Brad Plain
  • Frank Opresnik
  • Glenn Coffin
  • Brad Baker
  • Carolyn Sober
  • Nate St John
  • Bill Bailey
  • Jessica Mazaika
  • Steve Smetana
  • Wendi Wilver

Once again next year our spring derby will be held on the first weekend in June from the Thursday to Sunday morning. We look forward to seeing everyone able to join us!