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About Us / Location

Hello custumers! This is a friendly reminder that we are officially open as of Friday June 11. We are very excited for this season to start and accommodate you. We hope to see you all this summer!

Established 1979.  Family owned and operated.

About our name: Our name "Tumblehome" may seem unusual, even whimsical. In reality it is part of a canoe or ship or most any sailing vessel. It is the inward slope of the sides as they approach the gunwales. This curvature throws water away from the craft as it glides through the water.

Location: Tumblehome Lodge is on the southern end of Crotch Lake. This lake is in Eastern Ontario 60 mi. North of Kingston and 12 mi. north of Sharbot Lake. We are at 1092 Lodge Rd. just off the Ardoch Rd.

GPS Coordinates:
N 44 degrees 52.9 minutes
W 76 degrees 47.58 minutes

1090 Lodge Rd.
Clarendon Station, Ontario
Canada   K0H1J0