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Three Bedroom

Some 3 bedroom units are single cottages and some are duplexes. ( Duplexes are side-by-side semidetached units.) Some are lakefront and some are lakeview. All are semi-modernistic style, clean and cozy. Each has a screened porch, carpeting, electric heat, ceiling fans, and either 1 or 2 baths with showers, living room and dining area. Each unit has a full-size refrigerator and electric stove with oven, microwave, dishes, cutlery, cookware, toaster and coffee maker. All units except D8 include a large yard and firepit. All units have a propane BBQ.

D1, D2, D3 and D4

These three bedroom waterfront units each have 1 bath with shower. Two of the bedrooms each have one double bed. The third bedroom has two sets of bunkbeds each with a double bed size lower bunk and a single bed upper bunk.

Rates for up to 6 persons in Canadian funds. Taxes not included 

May 11 - June 2  2024         $1199 /week     $276 /night
June 2 -  Aug 31  2024         $1299 /week    $299 /night
Aug 31 - Oct 14   2024         $1199 /week     $276 /night

D8 and D9

D8 and D9 are 3 bedroom lakeview duplexes. D8 and D9 are side-by-side in the same building and are mirror images of each other. Except D8 is a unit specially equipped for the handicapped.
Each unit has 1 bath, a complete kitchen, a living room,  dining area and screened porch as well as a propane BBQ and picnic table.

Each unit has a double bed in two of the bedrooms and the third bedroom has 2 sets of bunkbeds...all double bed size.

D9 is an end unit and has a lovely private side yard

Rates for 6 persons in Canadian funds. Taxes not inlcuded 

May 11 - June 2   2024         $1032 /week    $242 /night
June 2 -  Aug 31   2024         $1105 /week    $253 /night
Aug 31 - Oct 14    2024         $1032 /week    $242 /night

S15 and S20

These are spacious 3 bedroom lakeview cottages. S15 and S20 have the same design but S20 is closer to the lake.
Each cottage has 2 baths with shower, fireplace, a complete kitchen with dishwasher, a living room and dining area. A large screened porch stretches across the front.

Each cottage has 7 beds. One bedroom has a 1 queen, the second bedroom has 1 set of bunkbeds with 1 double on the lower level and 1 single above. The third bedroom has 2 sets of bunkbeds, the lower beds are 1 queen and 1 single and the upper bunks are both singles.

Rates for up to 7 persons in Canadian Funds. Taxes not included 

For S15

May 11 - June 2   2024            $1296 /week     $309 /night
June 2 -  Aug 31   2024            $1435 /week     $320 /night
Aug 31 - Oct 14    2024            $1296 /week    $309 /night
For S20  
May 11 -  June 2   2024             $1349 /week    $329 /night
June 2 -   Aug 31   2024             $1499 /week     $334 /night
Aug 31 -  Oct 14    2024            $1349 /week      $329 /night

Extra persons: It is important for the comfort and safety of all our guests to avoid overcrowding. All of our cottage units are serviced by wells and septic systems which are designed to accommodate a specific number of persons. Please limit your group to the number listed for your unit. If it is necessary to have one or two extra persons, (NO MORE THAN 2 EXTRA PERSONS) please let us know in advance and the following charges will apply: for each adult $175/ week or $35/ day; for each child (over 3 years) $75/ week or $15/ day. 


May 11th - June 2nd we require a minimum stay of 3 nights

June 2nd- August 31st we require a minimum 1 week stay (Saturday to Saturday only)

August 31st - October 14th we require a minimum stay of 3 nights