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BOATing info

TUMBLEHOME LODGE IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. THAT INCLUDES OUR COTTAGES, BEACH AREA, DOCKS, BOAT LAUNCH AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. We do not offer public boat launching. Our private launch is reserved for Tumblehome guests staying at the lodge. No exceptions. We do not have the extra space, and recommend using the public access launch located a mile down Ardoch Road, the first right turn onto Crotch Lake Access Road, or the public launch located in Ompah at the north end of Crotch Lake. If you are coming from the lake, please do not use our docks as a parking spot. Again, it is private property and each dock spot is numbered and designated to Tumblehome Lodge guests whom also pay to obtain their specific dock spot. You will be politely asked to move your boat.


UPDATE: WE ARE FULLY BOOKED FOR CANOES AND CAMPER  BOATS THIS 2024 SEASON. Reach out if you would like to be added to our waitlist. Thank you. 

We only offer 14ft 9.9hp boats to rent for $69/day and canoes for $35/day to get to your campsite on crotch lake that you have reserved thru the North Frontenac township. We recommend making sure you have transportation by boat or canoe before booking your campsite. The canoes and boats can NOT be taken off Tumblehome Property or strapped to a vehicle and taken elsewhere. You may only launch the canoe into Crotch Lake from our launch. If you need extra parking we have limited parking available located at our boat trailer parking lot for 10$/day PER VEHCILE. You will be given a parking permit that must be visible in your vehicle for us to see that the car has been paid for. All other unauthorzied vehicles that do not have a visible parking permit will be towed. For those who are not aware, when you book your campsite with the township, the parking permit you purchase online is NOT located at Tumblehome. It is located at the public access launch. We highly recommend parking at the access launch down Crotch Lake Access Road due to over crowding at the lodge. 

ATTENTION: Please make sure you arrive no later than 4pm. Our waterfront staff need time to show the boat and we require you to pay/sign the paperwork before taking the boat out. Unfortunately we will not be able to serve you if you come after this time.  NO HALF DAY BOAT RENTALS. No matter the time you arrive and/or return the boat, you will be charged the same price as if it were a full day. 

Due to many no-shows, we require a deposit of $75 to secure your boat rental. At the time of booking please make sure you have a valid credit card ready. The remaining balance will be paid once you arrive. The gas used during you trip must be paid for when returning the boat. You are responsible for any damages that occur to the boat. Our waterfont staff will need to finalize the boat before you leave. 

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT crowd the boat launch for an extended period of time. We have many other guests that need to launch/retrieve their boats. Unload quickly and park in our designated boat trailer parking lot if you have paid for extra parking, OR the access launch parking lot. 

ALL CAMPERS RETURNING FROM YOUR SITE ON CROTCH LAKE - YOU MUST TAKE YOUR GARBAGE HOME. We cannot keep up with the garbage consumption unfortunately.  



If you reserve a boat at the time of your cottage reservation and cancel under 45 days of your booking, you will still be charged for the days/week you reserved it for. Regardless of bad weather or other circumstances. If you are intersted in a boat higher than a 9.9hp you must show proof of a valid boaters license. NO HALF DAY RENTALS. 

Golf Cart Rentals: $25/day


Boat Rentals:

14 ft. aluminum boat and 9.9  hp  motor.......$69/day,or $335/week. *4 people maxium capacity* 

Canoe rental......$35/day or $6/hour.

To avoid disappointment, be sure to reserve boats at the time of your cottage booking. Prices exclude gas used and tax.

 NEW FISHING BOATS (3 people maxium capacity)

16.5 ft. Red Aluma escape 165 craft includes Evinrude 50hp motor(2 stroke), live well, fish finder, and trolling motor $110/day or $550/week. 

16.5ft Black Aluma craft escape 165 includes Evinrude 50hp motor(2stroke), live well, fish finder, and trolling motor $110/day or $550/week.

16.5ft Lund Rebel includes: 2 helix 7 fish finders. 1 for the steering wheel (CS)(novionics) shows graphs and depths of crotch lake. the second one is set up with sonar for the trolling motor. It has a 60hp 4 stroke Johnston motor and live well. $110/day or $550/week

16.5 ft Lund "Jon Boat" includes brand new 25hp Tohatsu motor, live well, trolling motor, electric start and helix 7 fish finder.   $105/day or $500/week. If you like speed, this boat is your go to. 

Legend fishing boat

Our Legend fishing boat is 14.5ft with an electric start, powered trim, 25 horse power Tohatsu motor. It also includes the fish finder, floor, 2 comfortable pedestal seats, and live well. 

Rates: $90.00/day or $450.00/week



Our 14ft Smokerreaft includes an electric start, 20 horse power suzuki motor, 2 comfortable pedestal seats, a fish finder and live well...$90/day or $450/week.

Our 14ft Smokerreaft includes an electric start, 20 horse power suzuki motor, 2 comfortable bench seats, a fish finder and live well...$90/day or $450/week.


Pontoon Boat Rentals

We are introducing 3 brand new pontoon boats come the 2022 season. All new pontoons will incude a 50hp Yamaha motor, Helix 7 fish finder, and live well with a fishing style layout. For up to 8-10 persons. Rental rates will be increased for the new pontoon boats to $319/day OR $1195/week. 

20 ft. Legend Pontoon Boat and 22ft. Bennington with 40 or 50 hp motor, fish finder and live well. Up to 8 -10 persons.....$219/day or $1095/week 

Price excludes gas used and tax.

We do NOT allow personal motors to be switched out with the motors on our rental boats. This goes for the camper boats as well. 


Docking for your boat: boats 20 ft. and over  $12/day; 18 and 19 ft. $10/day; 16 and 17 ft. $9/day; under 16 ft., $8/day. Docking is included with all boats you rent from us.

Launching and Retrieval: there is no charge for guests to launch their own boat or we will do it for you for $5 each way or $10 for both using our 4 wheel drive.